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Work Experience module 6N1946


This Work Experience module is a 15 credit module which makes up part of the QQI Level 6 Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education.

On successful completion of this Work Experience module module, learners will be able to:

Work Experience module 6N1946

1 Analyse work-related issues and trends in a chosen public, private or voluntary area of work

2 Demonstrate understanding of the up-to-date theoretical and or technical knowledge underpinning practice in a particular area of work

3 Research the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in the particular work context, including; health, safety and welfare at work, equality legislation, union representation and regulations relating to pay and confidentiality.

4 Reflect on challenges and opportunities in the chosen public, private or voluntary sector globally and nationally, to include the impact of challenges and opportunities on personal career choice and direction

5 Utilise effective written and interpersonal communication skills, drawing on appropriate communication technologies, to include a CV, letter of application, evidence of job-finding skills and skills checklist

6 Present a detailed personal skills audit and career plan for a specific vocational area, to include personal goals and action points, development opportunities and career paths

7 Demonstrate supervisory skills and capacities, to include the skills and qualities required for a particular post in the public, private or voluntary sector

8 Investigate options for future education, training and employment in light of work experience.


Portfolio / Collection of Work 60%

Skills Demonstration 40%

Next Steps

Following completion of this module, you will be awarded a QQI Level 6 component certificate in Work Experience (6N1946).

You will also have one of the 6 mandatory QQI Level 5 Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education modules completed.

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Work Experience module is a QQI accredited course