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When will I get my results or my certificate?

The QQI Assessment Process – What is it and how does it work?

Many learners often ask what QQI assessment is and how it works. This can be a confusing process for both new learners, and even for those who have had previous experience with it. This post will explain each stage, from the initial training provider’s tutor correction, to the certification issue period.

The Assessment Process is the process of evaluating a learner’s achievement in relation to a set of knowledge, skill, and competency standards in order to provide the QQI accredited award to the successful learner.

QQI Assessment Process

Training Provider Initial Assessment

In order to complete modules and courses, training providers have a range of different criteria that learners must pass, in the form of assessments. There are various forms of assessments, from assignments, portfolios, work experience, learner records, projects, skills demonstrations and examinations. For example, in Level 5 Special Needs Assisting learners must complete a skills demonstration and learner record in order to pass their module, whereas a level 5 Child Development learner would have to complete an assignment, portfolio and an examination. This work is then provisionally corrected by the learners’ tutor. This completes the first step of the QQI Assessment.

This step is completed within two weeks of a learner submitting their final collection of work for the module they are studying (all of their assessments) to their tutor. Your provisional results are available further to this step.

Training Provider Internal Verification

Internal verification QQI Aspire Training Provider

Following the tutors correction of the work, the learner’s work then needs to be internally verified. This means that another tutor, within the same institution, will also correct the assignments completed by the learner, in order to verify the results.

This stage includes checking that the training provider’s assessment procedures have been correctly applied across the range of assessment activities. This involves planning, finalising results (monitoring accuracy of initial assessment) and ensuring results are recorded and filed appropriately.

External Authentication

External Verification Authentication QQI Aspire Training

Another layer of authentication is added once a learner’s work has been externally verified. The work must be externally verified, by someone approved by QQI, in order to prevent any bias that may occur in an internal setting. This may happen because two tutors know each other in the same institution or because they personally know the learner. By using an external source, independent authoritative confirmation of fair and consistent assessment of learners in accordance with national standards is provided.

Results Approval Process

Results Process QQI Aspire Training

Following the completion of the above steps, QQI will receive the learner’s results, through an online system, and provide certification. There are only six QQI Certification Periods per year. This means that a training provider can only apply to QQI for learner certificates six times a year. It is quite normal for training providers to avail of 2 – 3 certification periods per year. At Aspire Training, we avail of all 6 certification periods which allows the quickest and smoothest assessment period for our learners.

QQI Certificate Issue Training Provider Aspire Training

Please note that once a training provider has submitted a learner’s results to QQI, it can take from 4 – 6 weeks for a certificate to be printed. During this time, learners are often applying for different roles and therefore may require proof of course completion. At Aspire Training, we offer to send our learners a confirmation of course completion letter or proof of their results, to assist them in their job applications.

2021 Certification Periods

QQI Assessment Period 2021 Certification Periods