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Manual Handling Training

Manual handling injuries are the largest single cause of accidents within the workplace in Ireland. To comply with the 2007 Manual Handling Regulations, all staff engaged in the handling of products and loads must hold a certificate in manual handling training.

This training course will provide learners with the skills to safely carry out daily manual handling tasks correctly and minimise injury, particularly back injuries, to all participants.

This course is perfect for those companies and businesses returning to work after COVID restrictions ease, where employees are involved with lifting, moving or carrying items.

Course Duration: 3 hours and a max of 10 participants and minimum of 3 participants.

Course Location: Aspire Training, Bellview Buildings, Petitswood, Dublin Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath N91 V2W7

Manual Handling Training Ireland

Course Content



Legislation – Employer and Employee

Injuries – Anatomy; Injuries

Assessing Tasks – The Load; Individual Capability; The Task; The Work Environment

Principles – Principles of Manual Handling; Demonstration

Practical – Practical Exercise; Applying principles to given situations

Assessments – Practical demonstration assessment; Brief written or oral assessment; Feedback

Manual Handling training course

Upon Completion of this course, learners will;

Understand the meaning and importance of safe manual handling

Explain the most common causes of manual handling related injuries in the workplace

Understand both the employee and employer’s legal responsibilities in relation to manual handling

Be able to successfully asses different tasks and capabilities

Have carried out practical exercises of the principles and skills they have learned