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Learner Admissions Policy

Programme entry

Entry to the initial stage of a programme is gained through:

– Meeting the minimum educational entry requirements,

– Assessment of recognition of prior learning (RPL) which is specific to each QQI and programme

– Minimum Age

– Learners are required to be able to understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content.

Criteria for Admission Previous Qualifications

To access programmes leading to a particular award, you should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the preceding level of the National Framework of Qualifications, i.e., in order to access a Level 6 programme, you must have achieved a Level 5 qualification. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience. Applicants must also have a strong interest in their chosen area of study. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure you are fully briefed about their chosen course of study. Applicants will take responsibility for ensuring that they have completed all documentation required for enrolment and paid the necessary fees if applicable.

This may include, but is not limited to:

– Completed registration form

– Photocopy of personal identification

– Photocopy of any previous qualifications

Applicants will take responsibility for ensuring that they are fully registered on the programme of study. An applicant cannot be considered a learner until they have completed all stages in the registration process. Applicants will also take responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied. Submitting false or misleading information or documentation can lead to cancellation of admission or removal from a programme.

Minimum English Language Requirements

All programmes provided by Aspire Training are currently delivered in English. We recommend that the standard of English required by learners on all programmes is such that they can both understand and convey the concepts contained in the programme content. Where a learner’s first language is not English, some additional supports may be offered to the learner as outlined under learner accommodations.

Minimum age requirements

Aspire Training has a minimum age requirement of 17 years

Learner progression

The programmes we offer are associated with Healthcare and Childcare. We offer a range of minor awards associated with major awards in these areas. There are many providers nationally who deliver similar programmes to ours and each of those represents an opportunity for progression to a higher or major award. There are so many providers and so many possible permutations for progression, that we treat requests for progression assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Aspire Training facilitates contact between learners and officers of the Adult Guidance Services function in the ETBs who will assist them with aspects of their academic and/or career progression on a one-to-one basis.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning may be requested by a learner for the purposes of access to a programme, advanced entry to a programme, or grant of a full award.

The recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a method of assessment which may allow learners to gain formal recognition (certification) for knowledge, skills and competence that they already have, howsoever acquired.

RPL requires the learner to demonstrate or prove their learning through interview and/or through compiling a portfolio.

RPL may allow the learner:

1. To gain entry to a programme: that is, a learner may gain a place on a programme, without having the certificate required for entry onto that programme (where such an entry requirement exists.

2. To gain exemptions within a programme: for example, a learner may be granted exemptions from elements of programme requirements on the basis of learning that they already have achieved.

3. To attain an award: that is, a learner may be awarded a major or minor award on the basis of previously acquired learning for which they do not have a formal certificate.

Please note, that due to the part-time nature of our programmes, Aspire Training does not facilitate options 2 and 3.

RPL for Entry

Where a learner does meet the relevant entry requirements onto any of our QQI Level 5 or 6 programmes, consideration will given to those with previous experience of working in the relevant vocational sector (3 years minimum) and/or previous certified learning within the relevant vocational sector. Learners seeking an exemption based on recognition of prior learning will  to supply the following information:

– Completed Aspire Training RPL Application Form to include details of previous certified Learning / Experience.

– Relevant certificates (specifically linked to an awarding body) to include transcript of academic results – awards which have been issued from foreign countries will need to be transcribed onto the Irish Framework of Qualifications before applications can be considered.

– Programme details relating to the previous certified learning – it is essential to establish that learners have already covered the learning objectives set down in the QQI module descriptors.

– Employers References

The application will be reviewed by the Academic Committee which will formally respond within 14 days of receiving an RPL Application.

For any queries in relation to Learner Admissions please contact a member of the training and administration team on 044 934 1551 or via email (