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Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are serious unforeseen circumstances beyond a learners control which prevented the learner from meeting the requirements of a programme which might include:

– Missing an examination or test

– Failing to submit all or any part of any continuous assessments by the due date

Extenuating circumstances may include:

– Involvement in an accident

– Victim of crime

– An acute illness or serious on-going medical condition

– Ongoing life-threatening illness of a close family member or partner

– Bereavement of a close family member or partner

– Acute or on-going serious personal/emotional circumstances

– Domestic upheaval at the time of the assessment (e.g. fire, burglary, eviction)

The following are examples of what may not normally be considered grounds for extenuating circumstances and any applications citing any of the following are unlikely to be considered :

– Typical symptoms associated with exam stress (e.g. anxiety, sleeping disturbances etc)

– Minor illnesses such as a common cold

– Relationship difficulties

– Financial difficulties

– Holidays during the Course duration

– Accommodation issues

– Misreading the examination timetable

– Paid employment or voluntary work

– IT and/or computer failure

– English is not your first language

– Multiple assessments in a short time

– Failure to plan study schedule

– Sporting commitments

– Debs/weddings/social events

– Election/campaigning commitments